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What You Need To Know To Buy A Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Confirm Your Own Cutting Requirement

1.Confirm your most general cutting materials

The Fiber laser cutting machine is mainly used for metal material high precision cutting, if you need to cut none metal material, then you need to go to Co2 laser or a router.

While for metal material, some metal are high reflective so maybe not that well worth to use a laser cutting machine, like pure cooper, aluminum. The high reflective material the less the material will absorb laser and the worse the cutting effect, the higher laser source it will required.

In simple, mostly fiber laser cutting machine are used for stainless steel or carbon steel(mild steel) cutting.

2. Comfinrm the cutting thickness you would require.

Different metal material thickness requires different laser source power. In simple the thicker the material, the higher the laser power will be required and the higher the price will be. And different laser source power the price will be much different. Generally you need to make sure:

1)General cutting thickness and material:

This is the most common specification of the material you will need to cut. So normally cutting speed is import especially for this spec material.

2)Max cutting thickness and material:

This material you do not to cut that much, but sometimes you need to cut with the machine. And the cutting edge you won’t require that smooth. Besides the cutting speed you do not require that high.

After you confirm above Point 1and Point 2 you can ask your supplier offer you a cutting chart and find the most well fit laser source power.


3.Confirm the maximum metal sheet size you need to cut

This is the work size of the machine. Normally the standard worktable size are 3000x1500mm. This is the most common one and it can be packed in container easily, so mostly people will choose this one, and if you do not cut metal sheet bigger that this that much, 3000x1500mm will be a good choice.

Most suppliers have other options like 4000x2000mm, 6000x2000mm even 8000x2000mm. While these sizes machine are very difficult to load in container and normally has to be packed on Frame container. The shipping cost nearly double or more than the 3000x1500mm worktable.


4.Confirm if you will need the exchange worktable or not.

This exchange worktable is kind of fast feeding system. Reference this video:

As you can see after cutting one piece, the other worktable will come to the working area. So during cutting, the workers can load and unload plates onto the other worktable. This will save lot of time. Same as Point 3 you have to consider the shipping costs.

5.Confirm you site (workshop) environment:

1) Normally the fiber laser cutting machine will require no big shock happens nearby the machine, or it will influence the cutting precision. For example if you have many punching machines around, you will have to consider to move them or dig shock proof ditch.

2)Power supply, nearly all fiber laser cutting machine requires very high power supply like 3phas 380v 50/60hz power supply, and the power need to be stable(this can be fixed by a voltage stabilizer).

3)The site you would like to place the machine one need to be big enough. One reason is for the metal sheet loading on machine the other is for the machine maintenance.


Value if its worth well to use a fiber laser cutting machine

The fiber laser cutting machine price starts from USD35000 to 350000, it’s a lot of money so value if its worth is very important.

There are many other cutting methods there like plasma, router etc. Main feathers of fiber laser cutting is the high precision and thin cutting line and the less consumptive material requirement.

So if you do have lot of works to do with the machine and you require the cutting to be high precision~ fiber laser cutting machine shall be a good choice.


Main parts of a fiber laser cutting machine

1.Laser source brand~ laser source is the heart of a laser cutting machine, it will supply the laser power. The quality of laser source will have very big influence to the whole machine. There are some laser source brands, but the most popular these days(personal opinion) are:

1)Germany IPG

Old brand, so many years experience in this field. Very stable laser quality, low complaints.

Price much higher than Chinese Raycus brand

2)Chinese Raycus

Chinese brand, very competitive price, laser quality is not bad. Personally I think Raycus will become better and better, what this brand need is to stand in the market longer and longer then they will get more trust like IPG.


2.Laser head~ the laser cutting head consisted with several groups of lens, it will pass the laser to working piece.

There are many laser cutting head brands around there, like Raytools, Precitec, SZ worthing etc. Most supplier will use Raytools for the reason of good quality and competitive price at the same time. There is one of the functions of the laser head your supplier may tell you, auto focusing.


In order to cut different materials and thickness the focusing size need to be changed accordingly. In this case you need to adjust the focusing. Auto focusing means there is a button outside the laser head and you can adjusting the focusing size by clicking this button. The manual adjustment require worker to turn the know on laser head to adjust the focusing size.

The price for auto focusing and manual focusing are much different. Personally suggest to use manual focusing if the laser source power is lower than 2000w, if your laser source power above 2000w then the auto focusing function shall be considered.


3.Worktable~ the worktable bears workpieces, and quality of the worktable will influence the cutting precision and whole machine quality. Because during working, if worktable is not strong enough the whole machine will shake, the higher the laser source, the thicker the workpeice the stronger the requirement about the worktable will be.

Before do any decision, check with your supplier about the worktable. Not only the whole machine weight, but also you need to check how much thickness of the metal plate they are using for the worktable. Also do not forget to check some other stuff like their annealing, welding, painting etc.


4.The beam~ this beam means the beam above worktable. The laser head was hold by the beam. The beam need to be stable but not very heavy so normally casting aluminum beam are used on fiber laser cutting machine. There are also some suppliers are still using welded beam so check this before you make a decision.


5.Rear& rack~ rear and rack are the racks of laser head. If the beam quality is not that good after using some time the precision will be not that good. So choose good quality rear& rack is important, reference brand like YYC is a good choice.


6.Servo motor~ servo motor drives the aluminum runs. Most being choosed brand is Hiwin.


7.Software~ the software contains many functions like machine adjustment, drawing, CNC controlling. Many brands are used like Fscut, Beckhoff. These two brand are not bad, but Beckhoff is kind of complicated for some new operators. Fscut is more simple while for some high power laser cutting machine most manufacture still prefer to use Beckhoff. And Beckhoff price is higher.


8.Chiller~ after working for the while the whole machine will become very hot and if chiller quality is not good, that may cause damage of many important parts of the machine like laser head etc. So make sure the chiller come with the fiber laser cutting machine with good quality.


9.Reducer~ the reducer were installed next to servo motor, they work together to make the machine runs in good and proper condition. Reference brand Apex.


10.Some other parts like whole machine design, machine height fit for workpiece loading or not, towline system, oiling system, air control system, slider, dry type transformer, dust exhaust etc.


Above are the main parts of a fiber laser cutting machine.


That’s are some personal opinion about the fiber laser cutting machine, will update if I realized more info which I think they are important.


Welcome share your comments, if you have any questions or inquires feel free to contact me at

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